Initial Consultation

Our lawyers are available for one hour initial consultations. The fee associated with the consultation is based on the area of law and the lawyer involved. As each legal problem is unique, please contact our office so that we may match you with the appropriate lawyer.

In order to comply with Law Society of Upper Canada client identification requirements, we must obtain the following information from you:


  1. Full name;
  2. Home address and telephone number;
  3. Occupation; and
  4. Business address and telephone number if applicable.


Full name;

  1. Business address and telephone number;
  2. Incorporation or business identification number and the place of issue of the incorporation or business identification number;
  3. The general nature of the type of business or businesses or activity or activities engaged in by the organization;
  4. The name, position and contact information of the person providing instructions on behalf of the organization.

In order to verify your identification and comply with Law Society of Upper Canada rules and regulations we also require that you provide us with two original valid pieces of identification. At least one piece of identification must be a government issued piece of identification found in List A. The other may be a document in List B.

List A

Canadian Driver's Licence

Canadian Passport

Certificate of Canadian Citizenship with your picture

Certification of Indian Status with your picture

Certification of Naturalization with your picture

List B

Old Age Security Card

Major Bank or Major Credit Card

Employee Identification Card

Valid Foreign Passport

The Law Society of Upper Canada requires us to retain a record of the above information and copies of your identification documents for the longer of:

6 years following the completion of the work for which we are retained for; or

The duration of the lawyer and client relationship and for as long as it is necessary for the purpose of providing service to the client.



Communication through our website does not establish an

attorney-client relationship between you and WSK Law.

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